DUANE WHITE (Mike Daly) – our protagonist.  He survives. Maybe.

BUNNI (Lisa Del Cegno) - sister of Jimmy.  A little naοve and a lot scared.

JIMMY (Chris Joseffy) - brother of Bunni.

CEMETARY ZOMBIE (Michael Citak) – dead guy

TIM DUTKIEWICZ (Christopher deJongh) – young man in love with Kitten

KITTEN (Stephanie Layne) – young woman in love with Tim

REPORTER DON TRAUT (Josh Thompson) - ace reporter for local TV station

ELLEN ROWLAND (Joan DuQuette-Aresco) – wife of Harvey, mother of Carrie

WALTER WEBB (Mark Englehart) – Sheriff of Wicksford

HARVEY ROWLAND (Dennis Hull) – husband of Ellen, father of Carrie.

PAUL (David Poppel) – local moron

DR. SMIRCH (John Carroll) - local medical official

MARY MUGGINS (Terri D'Arcangelo) – Television anchor and not too bright (if that’s not redundant)

SCOTT SIMPLE (Kit Webb) – see above

HOMER MOSSBACK (Ted Guhl) – Mayor of Wicksford

REV. JERIMIAH WRONGFELLOW (Dan Czlapinski) – A spiritual leader in Wicksford

RADIO ANNOUNCER (Kevin Cleary) – poor sap on the local radio station, WXPO (pre-recorded)

CARRIE ROWLAND (Emily Ravita and Jennifer Condon) – daughter of Harvey and Ellen

MOSSBACK'S SECRETARY (Dianne Provenzano) – Umm...She's Mossback's secretary...duh!


Hannah Phillips

Jayme Reynolds

Johnny Peifer

Mark Wantroba

Stacy Constantine