Bring Out Your Dead


On a cold wintry day in January, in a not too claustrophobic attic of a three hundred year old house, a small group of semi-educated, yet vocally talented literates gathered together for the reading of Night of the Musical Dead.  They came at the promise of being the first to experience a new script by Bill Arnold (and because of the free beer and damned fine salsa).


Many who attended had also lent their vocals to the demos posted to this site.  It is interesting to note, that almost none of those who did the vocal demos had read the entire script (or even an entire scene) until that icy Saturday afternoon.  It was the first time the entire (beginning to end) show had an audience.  It was, to say the least, liking giving birth to 15 ton elephant; stretch marks and everything. 


Some of the attendees gathered were asked to read specific characters.  The readers were mostly actors that have worked on a Bill Arnold production before.  There were about twelve or so asked to read, including a narrator to give stage direction, which in and of themselves gave way to many a snicker, a hoot and at least one reported case of flatulence.


The audience (who also included some production staff) was given a brief overview of the vision of the show along with a three dimensional set design.  Some discussions on the technical aspects of the show were given and discussion ensued. Then, with little more than a "Here We Go"...our roller coaster ride began. 


Without giving away too much of the script, let's just say, our author gets you within the first 5 minutes of the show and pulls the audience right smack dab into to the action.  Fortunately, the character readings gave way to allowing all of us a chance to see how the production will become a memorable experience for every audience member.  No one character is the star necessarily, and you keep guessing who is going to see the end of the show for those who don't make it, and it is interesting to see how Mr. Arnold spreads the carnage, despite saying he didn't want gratuitous violence or a lot of blood.


As you follow along, you find that no one is off limits in the fray of no holds-bar scab picking.  As we find out, there is nothing (and folks, I mean NOTHING) off limits where a joke can be found or a innuendo can be had.   Don't bother bringing your politically correct handbooks to this show.  Leave your stick up your butt at home!(For purely practical reasons as itís hard to remain seated with the stick properly applied)


If you have taken the time to listen to the music Bill has posted, you have only exposed your senses to a fraction of the experience you will have with this show.  If you like old horror movies, dancing zombies, gospel music, girls named after small fuzzy farm animals, and spleen ripping laughter or even just love live are going to enjoy this show. 


Ticket reservations won't be available until 6/30/09, so mark your blackberries, set your alarm clocks, put your post it notes wherever you need the reminder....Night of the Musical Dead is coming and you can't stop it now!


 -Rebekah Royer-Poppel, Producer