Night of the Musical Dead takes place in the tiny hamlet of Wicksford, Connecticut.†† Jimmy and Bunni are brother and sister and are spending their Sunday visiting their parentís graves.Jimmy teases Bunni about being frightened of cemeteries (Thereís a Place in Heaven).A man staggers towards the two and fights with Jimmy.Hysterical, Bunni runs from the scene until she comes upon an abandoned farmhouse.There she meets Duane, who is hiding from the creatures outside.Still hysterical, Bunni tries to tell Duane about what happened to her and her brother.Duane realizes that for the first time in his life, heís going to have to take care of someone else (Responsible) because Bunni has lapsed into catatonia. Meanwhile, a sense of foreboding and panic is sweeping Wicksford (Something Bad).


Tim comes up from the basement and is soon joined by Harvey and Ellen Rowland, whoís daughter has been bitten by one of the creatures and is resting in the basement.They all find an old television set and watch for the latest news updates.(Television)Harvey wants to take the TV set down to the basement and barricade the group down there.Duane is unconvinced, and Harvey stomps off to find anothertelevision (Looking Out For Number One).†† Duane tells Ellen about her husbandís actions and she draws the parallel between being stuck in a loveless marriage and being trapped in the house (Thereís No Getting Out of This).


Timís girlfriend, Kitten comes up from the basement and they begin to make weapons to fight off the ever-increasing number of the undead outside the house. (Molotov Song)†† While trying to reinforce some of the windows upstairs, Tim is bitten and thatís when the group finds out that a bite from the undead is fatal to the victim (Weíre All Gonna Die Someday).


Act 2 begins with local television reporter, Don Traut, interviewing the Reverend Jeremiah Wrongfellow about the situation in town.The Reverend is convinced that itís all from a lack of faith and religious dogma (Pray!)


Tim proposes to Kitten in a desperate attempt to hold on to her.†† Kitten is confused (Choices).She finally relents when she discovers her secret desire to be bitten by the man she loves (Eat Me).With both Tim and Kitten on the path to becoming zombies, they leave the house together, arm in arm.†† The undead pour into the house as Duane and Harvey fight over the sole shotgun.Bunni faces her brother once more and realizes that heís changed (Thereís a Place in Heaven Reprise).

The Reverend returns as a member of the undead and we discover that heís on a new mission (Prey!)Ellen confronts her husband about his shortcomings as a father and husband.(Song of Marital Discord).Harvey and Duane agreed to a truce (Work Together) in order to concentrate on the more important fight they have before them.Ellen kills her husband for several reasons.


Reporter Don Traut is alone in the field and beginning to fear for his life (Hear That Sound) as things start to go badly in the battle against the undead.


Ellen is confronted by her daughter (Oh Mother) who has been stuck in the basement the entire time.Duane enters just as Kerry is killing her mother causing Duane to kill her.Duane, now alone in the house against a sea of the undead, runs to the basement and locks himself in there.Several days later, he reemerges from the cellar and realizes that he could well be the only human left in town and contemplates what he should do next.(One Bullet)